Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

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Re: Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

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Here's my short recap of the evening:

The place was decked out. Every single place you looked had a decoration. The ambiance was perfect. There was something very cool about everyone--fans, bands, and staffers--all being dressed in costume and just sharing in awesome music and having a few drinks. This was my first time visiting TMR and it was an incredible experience. I can see myself spending quite a bit of money traveling from Pittsburgh to Nashville more frequently. Seeing a show in the Blue Room has possibly ruined me for seeing other shows in the future. What an awesome venue.

People were really serious about the costumes, which was really cool. Not many "sexy fill-in-the-blank" costumes. My favorites were the Blood Orange costume that won and the two dressed as Meg & Jack from the Icky Thump album cover. I don't know where they got those suits, but they looked great. Wish I had gotten a pic with them.

I thought all of the bands put on pretty amazing sets. I really enjoyed Weekend Babes. JP5 were a lot of fun and I really liked their cover of "Pet Sematary." Olivia Jean & her band put on a great set. She seemed waaaay more relaxed than when I saw her open for Jack in Cleveland. She seemed to be having a good time stage, even though her veil seemed to be annoying her. Breast Massage was the perfect way to close out the evening.

I agree with HonestJohn that the only disappointment was probably Unknown Hinson. There wasn't any funny stage banter. He did a good job of introducing the acts, but I was expecting a bit more from him.

Jack as the Tin Man was incredible, of course. It's pretty cool when you get to see your favorite musician in a full-on costume lip-syncing a tune from a classic children's movie a few feet in front of you. One of the more unique experiences I've ever had.

I'm surprised they ran out of records. I now realize how lucky I was to grab one around 7 pm. I had considered waiting to buy merch between set, but glad I didn't. Does seem odd that they didn't have enough records for the record release party. I think the lavender variant is limited to 300, so maybe they sold more than anticipated from the OJ/RRS mini-tour.

Also, I want to say that it was an absolute pleasure meeting those of you that I did that night, including the lovely Swirler who helped me out with an extra ticket and another Swirler who I've purchased from in the past on here. Everyone I met at Devil's Night was awesome and kind and I felt honored to share such a cool experience with all of you!
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Re: Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

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Great write up. glad you had fun. Wish I would have met ya. Maybe next time. Was a wonderful night.
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Re: Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

Post by caseofthepunks »

Was the lip-syncing the only "speaking" Jack did?
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Re: Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

Post by scoliosispony »

The Icky Thump suits were hand made using buttons, they said each one took about 11 hours. They were amazing.

Jack did his thing onstage and then hung out in the offices the rest of the time. Karen and his daughter were there.
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Re: Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

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I made a promise to myself that if there is ever a third Devil's Night hell or high water I'll be there.
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Re: Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

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woodisgood wrote:
HonestJohn wrote:I only realized the next day the connection with the Glace Bay poster and the UGWNL art.
And let's not ever forget . . .

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Re: Devil's Night 2014 - Olivia Jean's Record Release Party

Post by westnashguy »

jesxsmith wrote:
pgharf wrote:
Stl_ben wrote:
pgharf wrote:
Stl_ben wrote:
pgharf wrote:

Apologies for the vertical video, but here's a short clip of Jack as the Tin Man
REALLY surprised they didn't kick you out for that.....
There was never a "no photo/video please" announcement made, and I know several people from TMR saw me taking pictures. No one said anything. I know at least a few other people around me got video of that moment as well.
That's new then...there has always been a sign right on the door saying no photos. Have seen them be pretty strict about it too.
That was my first time at TMR & from speaking to some others who had been there before, they seemed pretty surprised as well.
They weren't enforcing the no photo thing and the sign was covered up with Halloween decorations. There were several people I saw on their phones. Including the third man guests and VIP's. I'm guessing since everyone was in costume they knew people would want pics. I'm a little bummed I didn't take any pics of it but I'd been to shows there before where they def. enforced the no phones thing and I didn't want to risk it lol

I noticed that as well. I have been to about 4 shows now and have seen how serious they enforce the no photographs policy. I didn't start taking pictures until after JP5 finished their set, once I knew it was ok. Wish I had gotten some pix of Weekend Babes. They were pretty good. But it was an awesome night indeed.
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