19. Record Plant vs. Record Label

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19. Record Plant vs. Record Label

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Reading your recent posts about Archer on your blog and your ever constant interaction with United, do you feel that maybe you'd be better suited to working in the plants themselves instead of at the label end of things?
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Re: 19. Record Plant vs. Record Label

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I have thought about this possibility for quite some time. When I was younger, I always had these little maxims I'd say to myself "If I just had a lathe…" or "If I just had my own record press…" the idea behind it being there would be one more step in the record manufacturing process that I could have direct oversight of. If you want something done right then you have to do it yourself, you know? Having since spent a lot of time talking with the people at Archer and United, seeing their operations and what exactly goes into it all and even being given the remote possibility of obtaining a record press, my thought immediately turned. I realized I know absolutely nothing about the machinery, boilers, steam power, groove-fill, plating or any other of the thousand or so factors that need to be paid attention to with precise detail to make a halfway decent record. While all of that stuff fascinates me to no end, I would have A LOT to learn before I understood the process enough to do it myself. So at this point in my life, I am perfectly comfortable being strictly on the label side of record pressing and not the pressing plant side.
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