12. Detroit

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12. Detroit

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A year ago in an interview you said that Detroit could go one of two ways, it could start to pick up and begin to get better or become worse, in the past year a lot of things have changed with the economy and in politics and I wanted to ask how you felt about Detroit now a year later?
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Re: 12. Detroit

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The economy and government are so mercurial that for anything to truly have an impact in the city it almost needs to exist outside of that world, or at least have limited dealings with them. I keep coming back to the Burton Theatre in the Cass Corridor. A group of enterprising individuals have set up a first run, art-house theater in an abandoned Detroit public school. First things first, this will never be a bank-busting business. If properly done it will be somewhat successful, cover its costs, hopefully keep the operators bills paid…clearly no one involved will be rolling in a Bentley. But I'm sure the owners understand that, there are no delusions and a clear knowledge of the business model. They're doing what they're doing because they love it. Overall, Detroiters need to know their surroundings and their possibilities, but to be realistic about it. I love and urge the plan to transform huge swaths of empty city property into farmland. In short, Detroit is in a unique situation and in turn needs unique solutions. In my opinion, the future of Detroit is one of perpetually being on the precipice…it will never completely succeed and will never completely fail. It will just always seem like either outcome is right around the corner. Now can we just get the new hockey arena in Fox Town already?
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